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I'm Naomi, 17
lms if you’re stressed about your concert outfit

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i’m touring another campus and then picking up my contacts tomorrow. And on wednesday i’m seeing arcade fire!!!!

alexashung said: Mocha and espresso :))

mocha: my guilty pleasure is bluegrass music sorry not sorry

espresso: nothing special. i drink coffee, check my phone, then I get dressed

Send me a cup of coffee. Espresso: "Describe your usual morning routine. "
Decaf: "Impersonate one of your friends. "
Macchiato: "Name two things you think go well together and why. "
Latte: "List three aspects of your personality that you love. "
Flat White: "Confess the most recent crime you committed. "
Iced: "Make the weirdest face you can. "
Cappuccino: "Describe your ideal wedding. "
Drip: "Post a photo of a stuffed animal you own. "
Mocha: "Name one of your guilty pleasures. "
Doppio: "List two of your dream travel locations and why. "
Black: "Recall the worst insult you've ever received. "
Americano: "Post a photo of your favorite outfit. "
Kopi: "Describe an incident when you tried something new."


do you ever wash your face with cold water and feel like your life has changed dramatically

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DaMmiT HaNaAH!!!1!
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King Krule, oil on box, 2014